This is a topic that the average Instagram user doesn’t think about at all: Account authority.

What exactly is meant by “authority”?

Instagram is sort of a three-class society. There are low-quality accounts, average accounts, and then high-quality accounts with some authority.

Low quality: accounts that have a generic username, no profile picture, no followers, and no pictures. Often these accounts are inactive. They were created and never used again.

Average quality: 50-1000 followers and usually the same number of accounts that you follow yourself, average pictures such as selfies, not much engagement (likes and comments) and pictures are not uploaded regularly.

High quality and authority: thousands of followers while you follow much less, high-quality content like professional videos or pictures, high engagement rate, you are followed by verified accounts, you are often linked or mentioned by other accounts, many profile visitors, pictures are uploaded often, etc. I hope you understand the principle behind it.


instagram authority grow

What is the advantage of having an account with authority?

In short: You will be shown much more often on the Explore page. Your reach is much higher than from an average account. This also means that you can get followers faster and earn more money.

How do you get this authority?

Here are some actions you can take to increase the authority of your Instagram account:

  • Don’t follow personal accounts with less than ten thousand followers.
  • Only follow 5-20 accounts from your niche. These accounts must have 20k – 80k followers.
  • Don’t like and comment on random content from random people.
  • Upload high-quality images and videos regularly
  • Use 15-25 hashtags (not the maximum of 30 hashtags)
  • Try to get likes and comments from people who already have an account with authority themselves
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The bottom line is that all of this really means: interact only with authority accounts. Instagram’s algorithm will recognize it and rank your account the same way.

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