What are power likes?

Most Instagram marketers have heard the term “power likes” before. But what does it really mean? What makes a power like helpful? A Like on your post from a strong account is considered a Power-Like. There is a difference between Likes from normal users and from users who are verified or have many followers.

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Where do you find these power likes?

There are at least three ways you can get power likes from other users:

  • You buy them easily (not all of them really work)
  • You get them naturally from strong accounts in your niche
  • You’re in so-called “engagement groups”

Buy Power-Likes Either you buy them in SMM panels or you pay influencers or strong accounts to like or comment on your posts. You have to be careful with the SMM panels though, because these power-likes often don’t really work. Really helpful power likes are very expensive.

Get power likes the natural way This usually happens when you post viral posts and influencers, athletes, entrepreneurs or other celebrities see your post and interact with it. You can also make these celebrities notice your posts by tagging them or mentioning them in the comments, for example.

Power Likes in Engagement Groups This is probably the easiest method and it’s even free. In these engagement pods, there are special groups which are only for accounts that have more than 20k or 50k followers. If you get Likes from these accounts, it will have a positive impact on your reach and posts.

powerlikes telegram

Power-Likes groups you can find very often on Instagram!

How to use power likes effectively

To use power likes effectively, here’s what you should look out for:

  • Post your posts just before you get the power likes (typically 2-7 minutes before is a good range).
  • Interact with accounts that are liking or commenting
  • Usually post pictures or albums and if you post videos, keep them short
  • Your target is the “Explore” page; therefore, your images should be very good or appealing, thus users will press on from the Discover page to your image and subsequently to your profile. Therefore, post only high quality posts. If you share videos, the videos should be good, short and engaging (funny, idiotic, comical, etc.).
  • Use “call to action” in your description; give people a reason to comment and your reach will continue to grow.