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What are “Instagram pods”?

An Instagram pod (also called an engagement group) is a group of people who have agreed to interact with each other on Instagram as much as possible. In most cases, this means following each other’s accounts. In addition, it often involves liking or commenting on photos that are posted in the group chat or within the pod itself.

How are they working?

Instagram pods are having a big impact on engagement on the platform. Engagement is an essential part of growing one’s presence on social media, as it helps drive more followers to your profile. By engaging with other users who already have large followings themselves, you increase your chances of making new friends who can help boost your account. In other words, the idea is to grow together within a pod and become popular as a group rather than as individuals!

Should you join an Instagram engagement group?

When you join an Instagram pod, you can expect to see your engagement rate (i.e. the number of times people like or comment on your posts) go up significantly in a short amount of time! This is because you are adding more real followers to your account; ones who are genuinely interested in the content that you post and want to see more.


Instazeal offers more than 50 different Instagram pods

General Groups

There are no minimum criteria to join these IG groups, which makes them ideal for those who want to boost their Instagram likes, comments, and engagement rate. Get more Instagram likes, comments, and activity with the best IG pods.

Viral Groups

To join a Viral Group, you must first meet the minimal follower’s criteria. To join 10K Viral, you’ll need 10K Instagram followers. This is an ideal location to engage with high-authority Instagram accounts that may assist you to improve your hashtag rankings and spread.

Influencer Groups

For these engagement groups, you need a specific amount of followers and some groups also require your account to be verified.

Niche Groups

If your Instagram profile matches a certain niche, you can join special groups. You may only participate in the fitness Instagram pod if you have a fitness Instagram account, the same goes for other niches. This is an excellent location to come into contact with potential Instagrammers who you may collaborate with for follow for follow and shoutout exchange.


To join Power & Turbo Likes Groups, you must have minimum follower counts set by the group. You must have 50K Instagram followers to join 50K Power Likes, for example. Are you looking for a way to increase your chances of appearing on the Instagram explore page? All you need are Power & Turbo Likes!

Invite only

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