Engagement groups or pods are groups of Instagram users that you can join to get more followers, likes, comments, and thus a higher reach. Often there are thousands of members in each group and members like, comment or follow each other’s profiles for mutual benefit. You can find these groups by searching Google or Facebook for “Instagram Engagement Groups.” Once you’re in some, you’ll automatically be added to other groups.

Most groups are available on Telegram. It’s by far the most popular app for engagement groups and pods because Telegram has special bots to track activity that the other apps don’t. However, since Telegram is banned in some countries like Pakistan, you can also find some Instagram groups on WhatsApp or Facebook. If you are looking for engagement groups for Western countries (Germany, USA, UK, Italy, France, etc.), Telegram is the best and by far the most popular choice.

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How many people use engagement groups?

There are countless people using Telegram engagement pods. Some channels have more than 100,000 users. The number of users on WhatsApp engagement groups is much smaller, but still very high compared to other platforms. There are also some large groups on Facebook, but since it’s not an app you can use specifically for Instagram, the numbers are too small to mention here. Most of the time, the members there aren’t particularly active either.

What kind of accounts use Instagram engagement pods?

All types of accounts. Mostly normal personal accounts, but also verified accounts of stores, brands and also influencers. There are different channels/pods for different accounts. Some are only for a certain country like Italy, some are only for a certain niche like fitness and some are only for verified accounts. Most of the time they also differentiate based on how many followers they have. Some pods are only for people with 10k+ followers, others only for 50k+ and still others only for those of you who have more than 100k followers. There’s a reason for that: powerlikes!

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What are powerlikes on Instagram?

Powerlikes are likes you get from accounts that have many more followers than you do. If Account A has 5k followers and gives you a Powerlike, it makes you known to their other 5k+ followers who wouldn’t have seen your post otherwise. This visibility can bring new subscribers to your Instagram profile. You can learn more about that here. How you use these power likes is also important.

What do groups like this look like on Telegram?

An engagement group for Telegram usually looks like this: There is a leader or admin of the group who posts rules, updates, and posts to interact with. Besides me, there are many other members who participate in the group. Most of them have over 10,000 followers.

The admin usually checks to make sure everyone in the group is active and reminds people to comment or like posts.

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How do Instagram engagement pods work?

Pods or engagement groups (or whatever you want to call them) are very easy to use. Once you find a group you want to join, it’s important that you read the rules of the group and follow them accordingly. You can usually find a link to the rules in the pinned post.

Members of the group like, comment and follow each other. It’s important to keep track of where you are in this process. Most of the time, you’ll get a list of all the accounts or posts you’re supposed to like or comment on.


L = Like

C = Comment

L+C = Like & Comment

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DX = Perform a certain number of actions.

Example: DX50 L+C means you have to leave a like and comment on 50 different posts.

And what about the leader of the group? What does he do?

Most of the time groups work by mutual likes and comments. If someone ignores or doesn’t give too many likes for your taste, you can tell the leader. He will then give that person a time out (the time out can be anywhere from 24 hours to 30 days). Once that member is following everyone in the group again and comes back to comment, they will be allowed back into the group.

Some groups are called “DX10” (or D-10). This means you have to like 10 posts and post at least 10 comments – from 10 different accounts, of course. After that, you can follow members, but it’s not mandatory before the first 10 likes and comments. Read the rules of the groups and how they work carefully to avoid mistakes.

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What are the benefits of joining an Instagram engagement group?

An engagement group gives you exposure to thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of real, human Instagram users. Engagement groups are a great way to get more likes, comments, and followers for your posts. They also increase the likelihood of your posts appearing on the “Explore“page. You’ll get more business opportunities from the people you meet in the group or who can introduce you to potential clients or partners.

Are engagement groups helpful in growing your account?

If you follow the rules and understand how they work, engagement groups are very helpful to grow your account, make your posts more popular and get a higher reach. In my experience, they can also be a great networking tool to interact with other members in the group.

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