What are Power Likes for Instagram?


The idea behind so-called Power Likes is that Instagram accounts with a high reach (high number of followers) have a certain authority. As soon as these accounts like a picture of yours, there is a high probability that you will be displayed on the Explore page and that your picture will be shown to the followers of the account that gave you a Like. Power Likes increase your reach and at best your number of followers and likes.

In practice it should look like this:

You have 500 followers. The account that gives you a “Power Like” has 50k followers. According to the theory, your image should now be exposed to a large part of the reach of the account with the 50k followers and thus your image will be seen accordingly often and you will thereby reach a large number of people who will give you a Like and possibly follow you.

Do Instagram Power Likes really exist and does it all work?

Yes, they really do exist. If you have any doubts about it, just open Instagram and take a look at the Explore page. There you will see pictures and accounts that have received likes from accounts you follow. Even if you have never heard of those accounts or visited that account.


What is the likelihood that I will get on the Explore page?

This depends on who likes your picture. If Cristiano Ronaldo, Gigi Hadid or any other superstar likes your picture, you can safely assume that the reach of your picture and your account will skyrocket. However, if an account with 50k followers, who likes hundreds of other images a day, interacts with your image, it will have almost no effect.

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However, it’s important to mention here that Instagram is almost constantly changing its algorithm and it could be as early as tomorrow that the entire theory around Power Likes could be useless. Instagram’s algorithm from three years ago is definitely different than it is today. There are permanent changes being made. Sometimes smaller ones and sometimes bigger ones.


Can I buy Instagram Power Likes?

Yes, there are very many providers of these Power Likes. Unfortunately, however, you have no control over the quality of the accounts and accordingly low is the chance of success that it really brings something. Special engagement pods, which are private, help you much more and are usually free.

The big problem with Power Likes, which you can buy, is that these accounts interact with hundreds if not thousands of images per day. The more interactions that take place, the less effective the Power Likes are. This is also in proportion to the number of followers.


What this means is this:

If an Instagram account has 50k followers and gives 5 images a day a Like, the reach for the accounts of the 5 images will be very high.

If an Instagram account with 100k followers likes 500 images a day, the reach for the accounts of the 100 images will be very low.



The authority principle on Instagram

It is not only the case with Instagram that accounts with a limited number of interactions have a higher authority than accounts with very many interactions. It is similar to search engine optimization on Google. The more referrals to other websites, the lower the effect. With Instagram, it’s exactly the same. More interactions (likes and comments) the lower the effect.

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What you want to have are likes and comments, which have many followers but actually rarely like or comment. This will have the biggest effect possible.



Power Likes on Instagram really do exist and they actually work pretty well. The only problem which exists is that it is very hard to get Likes from such accounts.