Buying followers and likes on Instagram has become quite popular in recent years.

What you should look out for when buying Instagram followers:

  • The price of followers varies greatly by quality and origin
  • The number of followers can decrease greatly again, as the accounts are usually deleted. So make sure it says “refill” or “non-drop” on it
  • Almost all accounts are bots
  • These accounts will not like or comment on your images because they are just bots. So it’s not good for your engagement rate.
  • There are only a handful of providers which are really reliable
  • Avoid overpriced resellers
  • Almost no provider offers PayPal as a payment method, but mostly only crypto
  • Your account will not be banned or deleted if you buy followers
  • It’s not illegal, it’s just against Instagram’s guidelines


Most providers are only resellers

If you’re around the social media marketing scene a bit, you know how many service providers there are for followers, likes, views, etc. Not only for Instagram but also for Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Spotify, Twitch, Pinterest and many more. But it is important to mention that most of these service providers are only resellers or resellers. There are only a few main providers of likes and followers. Most of them are not known and do not sell their services to normal users, but only to the resellers. In doing so, they earn from every sale. The resellers are just the middlemen, taking care of the marketing and making the sales. At the same time, this means that the resellers do not have any real influence on the services. They are 100% dependent on the main provider.

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An example is JAP (Just Another Panel). Here you can see what services they offer and how resellers can easily offer the same services for a different price using an API. Using the API, orders from the reseller are automatically redirected to the main provider.


Scammers and rip-offs

As mentioned above, most sellers of Likes, followers, etc. are only resellers. This makes it extremely easy for scammers to offer their own SMM services to sell Likes and followers. Some really have no expertise, don’t know how it works and just sees it as a “quick buck”. They have no responsibility or anything like that. You will also not find any imprint, company name or anything else. So if you ever fall victim to these scammers, the chances of finding out who it is are relatively slim.

You will also notice that many of them do not accept PayPal as a payment method, for example, but mostly only cryptocurrencies and credit card payments from payment providers in Russia. They do this not only to protect themselves but because they usually have no other choice. PayPal, for example, has a zero-tolerance policy for all services related to social media marketing and the sale of likes, followers, etc.


Where do these sellers come from?

Most of the providers are Indians and Bangladeshis. I would even go so far as to say that 90% of these providers come from India. There are also a few Russian and Vietnamese providers. This is mainly due to the fact that law enforcement in these countries is not consistently enforced and the issue is not really taken seriously. However, per se, it is not illegal to offer social media marketing services, it is simply against Instagram’s guidelines. In India, it has now become a criminal offense to offer such services as some scammers have been posing as celebrities and constantly buying followers and likes to legitimize their fake accounts. Since then, many SMM providers have disappeared and many more will disappear.



Are these real accounts?

In 95% of cases, they are bots and therefore not real accounts. From time to time, providers write that they are real accounts, but it is better not to rely on that. If they were real accounts, the price would be extremely high. By that, I mean at least five times the normal price. Also, the maximum number of followers and likes would be limited.

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However, every now and then there are real genuine accounts or verified accounts that sell their comments and likes. This is then also called “Power Likes”.

The only thing that can be said about this is that you should definitely not be disappointed if the “real Instagram followers” are bots that just look real. The big difference is that these accounts will never like or comment on any of your pictures.