Want to start using bots and other tools to successfully grow your Instagram accounts? Then you need more than just bots to make everything work smoothly.

But first, let’s clarify the following question: For whom is an Instagram bot even worth it? In my opinion, for all those who don’t want to spend time on their smartphone all the time, but still want to reach a lot of people and grow their Instagram account. For those of you who have many accounts, automation is almost a must. It just saves you an extreme amount of time and nerves.

What is needed?

  • A bot or automation software
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Proxies (in the best case 4G proxies)
  • Cell phone numbers and email addresses – optional (for profiling and verification)

Software for automation

Often such software is also called “bots”, as they perform certain actions completely automatically and simulate human behavior. For Instagram, there are a lot of bots, but many of them are not updated frequently and others are not really reliable.

I can recommend Jarvee to you because it is by far the best value for money. Moreover, Jarvee works not only for Instagram but also for Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social networks. In the last three years, there has been a lot of hype around Jarvee because it offers the most features and is the most reliable. On top of that, the developers of Jarvee themselves provide tutorials and courses for free on their website. This makes everything much easier. Jarvee also offers you a trial version, which you can use for five days free of charge.

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Learn more about Jarvee here

Why is a VPS needed?

The best-case scenario is that the bot is running 24/7. Now you have the choice: You have a stable internet connection, run your laptop or PC 24 hours a day and have enough CPU, or you use a VPS, which runs constantly in the background, has a stable internet connection and where you can simply log in at any time from your PC or smartphone. It is important to mention that most bots only work on Windows VPS. So if you own a Mac, you don’t have much choice but to use a VPS.

Using a Virtual Private Server is very easy and not expensive. You can find such Windows VPSs starting at $5 per month. The higher the performance (processor, hard disk and CPU), the higher the price usually is. What kind of performance you need for the VPS depends on how many Instagram accounts you want to use with the bot.

I have tried several providers and can recommend SolidSEOVps. Two other cheap alternatives are Hostwinds and Hyonix. Just choose your location (choose between the USA and Europe – if you are in Europe, I recommend Europe), how you want to pay (monthly or yearly) and after a few hours, you should get all data via email. This includes the IP, the username, which is usually “administrator” and a password.



You can then easily open the VPS via your Windows PC or you can use the software/app “Microsoft Remote Desktop” on your Mac. This app is also available for the iPhone or iPad. This means you can also access the VPS from your smartphone or tablet.

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Why are proxies needed?

Unfortunately, not all Instagram accounts (it depends on how many you use) can run over a single IP. In the worst case, this could result in you getting action blocks or your accounts being suspended. You don’t want that.

Finding proxies is not really difficult. The challenge is to find good proxies that are secure. 4G proxies work best. With some skills you can create them yourself, there are some tutorials on the internet. Otherwise, you can just buy them. The only problem is that the most popular providers are used so often that their proxies are often blocked more quickly. The best providers are therefore those that are rather unknown.

If you use less than 5 accounts, you can run Jarvee without proxies. But as soon as you add many more accounts to Jarvee, you should use as many 4G proxies as possible. It would be best to use one 4G proxy per account. Otherwise, you can use one 4G proxy for three accounts. However, it always depends on how many actions you perform through Jarvee.

In any case, you should consider the quality and type of proxies.

Short example:

4G proxy = 600-800 follows per day.
Normal proxy = 200 – 400 follows per day

The fewer actions you perform through Jarvee, the less likely you are to have an action block. So you should start slow and warm up your account before you really scale.


Do you need more numbers? Just use a PVA service.

Why mobile numbers and email addresses?

If you really want to scale and create many Instagram accounts (mostly for the mother & child method), you will need many email addresses and mobile numbers. Why? To verify your accounts. Instagram requires it from you when you want to create a new account. If you can’t use the same mobile number for a new account, I recommend you just order another sim card or use a service like smspva.com or pvacodes.com to get the verification code on one of their mobile numbers. You can easily create your own email addresses. Either via Gmail, Hotmail, Freenet, Gmx, Yandex or other providers. It is best to create an Excel spreadsheet and enter all the data there to keep track.

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Conclusion and costs

In the end, it always depends on how many accounts you want to use at the same time. If you only want to manage Jarvee for up to 5 accounts, you can do this easily and cheaply. I know some people who manage thousands of accounts and have made a really cool business out of it. I myself had about 100 accounts two years ago and managed them with Jarvee. The costs were like this:

  • VPS = $29.99 per month
  • Jarvee = approx. $80 per month
  • Proxies = $30 per month (+ I had my own 4G proxies)

Results: Depending on the niche, I was able to grow the accounts by 1500 to 3000 followers per month. In some cases, much more. In the meantime, I had a huge network of accounts in different niches and was able to make my accounts grow among themselves by giving myself shoutouts.

Here is how to build a network of niche accounts!