Before you can even think about growing your Instagram account(s), you need to decide on a niche to target. Maybe you’re interested in a specific topic, or maybe you have no idea at all that to be interested in. I was in the same situation at the time. I’ve built and managed accounts in literally hundreds of niches and while there are certainly some niches where it’s easier to build accounts, I honestly believe you can make almost anything work if you go about it the right way.

Create a network within a niche

What do I mean by a network?

The basic idea is quite simple: you create many accounts around a certain niche, which you can then link to each other and thus dominate an entire niche. Then you can give your other accounts shoutouts (for example, “Follow @XYZ”) and thus increase your follower count. Here are some examples:

Sports Niche:


Here is another example of the travel and luxury niche:

The ultimate goal

Imagine you have an Instagram account to the best soccer players in a league, for every team in the league, for the league itself and for the entire sport of soccer. You would target many different fans, but the real interest is the same: soccer. You could link the accounts together like on the graphic and make sure that the follower count increases. This is one of the most effective ways to get many followers. You are your own influencer, so to speak, and link to yourself with many different accounts. And since almost everything is automated, there is almost no work for you.

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Important: Create high-quality profiles!

Of course, the whole method also works with personal accounts. This method is also called “Mother/Child Method” or sometimes “Master/Slave Method”. Here, as mentioned above, the idea is that you create multiple accounts. One account is the main account and the others are the sub-accounts. The sub-accounts perform various interactions with software and collect followers and then these followers are directed to the main account.