Are you thinking about buying followers and likes for your company profile? If you don’t want to invest a lot of time, this is a good option for you. Here you can find out why.

First of all, it should be said that this is a rather unconventional method. In the end, you have to decide for yourself whether you want to go the “natural way” or whether you want to be artificially helped a little bit.

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Imagine you create a new company profile and have 0 followers. It can be quite daunting for potential customers. Especially if you are in the e-commerce business or offer a service. The number of followers says a lot not only about your popularity but also about your seriousness. It is the same with the testimonials on the internet. It contributes a lot to the decision-making process, whether a customer buys from you or not.

Starting from 0 can be hard.

It saves you a lot of time

If you already have a brand or get a certain amount of visitors to your website, YouTube channel or Facebook page, it shouldn’t be too hard to continuously increase your follower count. However, if you have just started a new business, it might be quite difficult. The first thousand followers are the hardest and without a proper strategy, it can take months. Nobody likes to follow profiles that only have a double-digit number of followers. Therefore, many new companies decide to help out a bit and buy a few hundred or thousand followers. This isn’t terribly expensive, but it can give you an edge if you want to increase the number of followers you have. I tried it myself on some of my company profiles and it saved me a few weeks.

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The situation is this:

The fewer followers you have, the lower the conversation rate that potential followers will follow you. The more followers you have, the higher the chance that they will follow you.

But don’t think that you can just buy a few thousand followers and everything will happen on its own. No, you need great quality images or videos and you should also choose exactly which hashtags you use.

Social Proof

What is Social Proof?

“Social Proof is a psychological and social phenomenon in which people copy the actions of others to adopt the behavior in a given situation.”

Source: Wikipedia

So how does this translate to Instagram? Simple: the potential followers see that you are followed by thousands of other users (which you bought) and for this reason, they follow you too.

The psychological effect with followers on Instagram is mainly that it shows how popular your profile and content are. A high number of likes and followers says how popular your brand is. The average Instagram user comes to your profile, looks at how many followers you have, reads through your bio, scrolls through your feed and maybe looks at some pictures. There are many users who decide whether or not to follow someone based solely on the number of followers they have. You could give your profile a “boost” so to speak, which will help you get followers organically. Think about it for a moment: You would rather follow a profile with 50k followers than a profile with 5 followers.