The Internet is full of sellers of certain services that promise you more followers, likes and everything else. Such social media services are especially popular in India, Bangladesh and Russia. This is also where most of the sellers come from. In the past, SMM services worked really well, but now it has become harder to find a reliable service. Many likes and followers are automatically removed again or the Instagram accounts have very poor quality.

What kind of SMM services are offered?

  • Power Likes
  • Power Comments
  • Follower
  • Automated Likes
  • Impressions / Profile visits and Saves
  • Comments
  • Automated Comments
  • Story Views
  • Views
  • Automated Views
  • IG TV Likes and Comments
  • Live Video Views
  • Engagement

As you can see, almost everything can be bought and this is true not only for Instagram, but also for YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Facebook, Pinterest and all other platforms.

Currently, for example, such services are offered.

Are they real people?

You wonder if there are real people behind all the likes and followers? In 95% of the cases this is not the case. They are only bots. Special programs are used to create these accounts. Everything is automated. Here you also have to consider the quality of the accounts.

Poor quality

  • Has a generic username (for example “foisjfiosd491”)
  • Have no pictures uploaded
  • Has no followers
  • Follows thousands of other accounts
  • No biography

Good quality

  • Has a unique username
  • Has a realistic biography
  • Pictures have been uploaded
  • The account has followers and does not follow too many other accounts

Even normal users should be able to tell pretty quickly which is a real account, and which was created with a bot.

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This is what a bad fake looks like:

Is it worth buying followers and likes?

There’s no blanket answer to this. It can definitely have advantages, but it can also have strong disadvantages. First of all, it brings a certain level of “social proof”. Especially if you’re creating a business account and then want to advertise on it, it can be an advantage if you already have a few hundred or maybe thousands of followers. For a personal account, on the other hand, it is not advisable because the purchased followers will never press the Like button or comment. It will be obvious to everyone that they are purchased followers as the engagement rate will be very low.

Example: 20k followers and 15 likes per picture. Everyone will notice that they are “fake followers”.

The bottom line is that everyone has to make this decision for themselves. Sometimes it can be quite wise. But for a personal account or for an influencer it is more a disadvantage than an advantage.

Here is what you should be aware of when buying likes and followers for Instagram!