It’s no longer a secret that you can buy followers, likes, comments and much more. In most cases, however, these are only bots and not real accounts. The question that many people ask themselves is: Can these bots help you to be verified on Instagram? Or is it even counterproductive?

What are SMM services?

Before we go into more detail on this topic, we first need to clarify what exactly “SMM Services” or “SMM Panels” are. These are services for social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other platforms.

What do they offer?

Almost every platform has something that says something about the user or profile:

  • Facebook = Likes, friends, shares, comments
  • Instagram = Likes, followers, comments, views
  • Spotify = plays, followers
  • TikTok = followers, views
  • Twitter = followers, favorites, retweets

…and much more!

The service of SMM Panels is that they offer you followers, likes, views, etc. With this, you can manipulate your own or other users’ profile. You just have to pay.



How can they help you with verification?

It’s simple: You can create an image and awareness for yourself through a manipulated number of followers and likes, which you don’t actually have. The number of followers, likes and comments says a lot about your profile and reach.

So using such services can make sense, but we don’t recommend it to you. Especially not for Instagram, because as you can surely imagine, Instagram has access to all sorts of data about your account. That means they can see engagement rates, when accounts followed you, whether accounts are bots, and more. So if you buy yourself 25,000 followers and they all follow your profile within just a few days, that’s extremely noticeable.

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But what’s most noticeable is the reach. If you have 25,000 followers, which are not real accounts, the reach will be extremely low. Only the real followers will see your posts and stores. The bots won’t. Instagram recognizes this and sees quite clearly that they are bots or purchased followers.

The solution: just don’t buy followers, likes or comments for Instagram…buy them for the other networks!

“Fake it until you make it”

Based on my investigative skills, I could already see here that there are people who pretend to be something they actually are not. Sometimes these people are everything at once: singer, entrepreneur, author and actor. Basically, these people can claim anything they want and provide little to no evidence.



For example, they could:

  • Create a Spotify account, pay someone to record songs (Fiverr), upload songs, then buy plays and followers.
  • Do the same for Apple Music and Soundcloud
  • Buy articles from various magazines and news outlets
  • Take a few professional pictures and share them on Instagram
  • Pay other influencers or notables for shoutouts, comments, likes or the like
  • Build an online presence or website, etc.

The possibilities are endless and based on the example, we could well see that there are a lot of people who really do this. In the end, it is only a question of money and how much time you invest. In addition, one should also ask the question of the benefit.