In the last few years, new scams regarding Instagram have been popping up again and again. Not only on IG but also on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. Many of them promise you to be verified. All you have to do is pay.

Guaranteed to get the blue Instagram tick?

You should definitely be wary of services that make you any promises. No one can guarantee that you will be verified. Why is that? Because it is not in the hands of those who offer this service. The only thing they can do is to be supportive. That is, they can revise your profile, create an online presence for you, and publish articles about you on the Internet, but in the end, it is up to the Facebook or Instagram employee who decides whether you should be verified or not.

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You can find websites like this everywhere. They promise you that you can be verified for a few hundred dollars and they even advertise a “money-back guarantee”, but what does it look like in reality? Exactly like this:

Either payment with cryptocurrency or via Paypal with “Send as a friend” – so without buyer protection. In other words, you definitely don’t have a “money-back guarantee”. It is the purest scam.

They promise you fast results “14 – 21 business days”, guaranteed results “100% success rate” and a “money-back guarantee”, but none of it will be kept. Firstly, because it is not in their power whether you will be verified or not, and secondly because they accept payments almost exclusively via crypto. Once you have paid with BTC or ETH, you will have no chance to get the money back.

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Are there also services that really work?

Yes, there are. Most of the time, however, they are only accessible to insiders, and there are good reasons for that. I know at least one service that offers verification, but this is evaluated after the account. Means: before they work with you, they look at your account and check if you have enough press or not. After that, they decide whether to work with you or not.

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Why do they want to evaluate your account first? Because not everyone can be verified. If you have a normal account with 250 followers and some average pictures like selfies or pictures of your car, you will not be verified. It’s simple. Your account must be of a certain quality and you must already be somewhat famous or something extraordinary like an entrepreneur, singer, athlete or similar. It is virtually impossible for the average person. Here I have shown you by example that you have to fake just about everything and probably spend thousands of euros.


There is NO service that can guarantee you that you will get the blue badge. And those who claim they can guarantee it to you: Pay close attention to the payment methods. Avoid scams and cheater!