When it comes to Instagram and the blue IG badge, you will find countless websites or other Instagram accounts on the Internet that offer a service. They promise to verify your account within a certain period of time. Most of the time, however, they are just scammers who don’t really know what they are doing.

Here are some factors how you can recognize that it is a scam:

No imprint, company name or other

The easiest way to tell if a company or service is reputable is by looking at the imprint. Is there an imprint at all? Is there a company name? One problem with this type of service, just like SMM panels, is that it is a gray area. It’s not necessarily illegal to offer service regarding Instagram, but it is against Instagram’s guidelines. These people don’t want to risk anything and that’s why they often don’t have an imprint.


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By the way, there are also many accounts on Instagram that offer such a service. We can only advise you against it. Why are these accounts verified themselves? These scammers have simply bought the verified accounts to give themselves higher credibility.

The payment method

Before you should buy such service or at least consider it, you should pay close attention to what this provider even offers for payment methods. Those who only offer Bitcoin as a payment method are most likely scammers because you have no chance to get your money anymore. Besides, you also don’t know who received the payment. In the best case, the payment method is Paypal, because you have buyer protection there. With a bank transfer or credit card, you also have a chance to get your money back. With credit card payment, it also depends on the payment provider. With Stripe, Mollie, 2checkout or other providers you should have no problem.

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As you can see they want you to send the payment as a friend. Why? Because there is no buyer protection anymore. You have no chance to get your money back.

The price is too low

Believe it or not, you could actually buy the blue badge. The problem is: the price would be just too high for the normal user. Unless you’re already a celebrity, professional athlete or otherwise, it could cost at least $5,000. Why? You would have to build an entire online presence around you. That means the website, popular profiles/channels on social networks, on which followers, fans, etc. would then have to be bought and of course most important and at the same time most expensive: press. Yes, you can buy newspaper articles and almost everywhere. No matter if at Forbes, CNN, Yahoo, BILD, at any magazines. Everything is possible, but it has its price.

So if you see any Instagram verification service that doesn’t cost at least a few thousand dollars, you can forget about it right away. For $350 or similar prices, it is most likely a scam.

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False promises

No one can or should promise you that you will be verified. Why? In the end, it’s up to the Instagram or Facebook employee who verifies you. You have no control over who verifies you or how thoroughly they verify you. Therefore, it is impossible to make any promises. What could be done is a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t work out, but even there you should pay attention to the payment method and if this should really be the case.

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On websites like Trustpilot you can sometimes find the decisive clue about whether the Instagram verification service is a scam or not. Other customers publish their experiences. It must be said that Trustpilot and all the other platforms can be manipulated very easily. Therefore, you should make sure that the reviews appear real.



Here is what you need to know about the verification service and how SMM panels can help you in a certain way!

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