Mother and child method? Excuse me?

The “mother and child” method, sometimes called the “master and slave” method, is a very well-known and proven technique for quickly getting more followers on Instagram. It is named “mother and child” because you use two different types of accounts. One main account and several sub-accounts. It’s effectively a network of Instagram accounts with the goal of helping a single account succeed.

What is this about?

You have one main account, such as your business or personal profile, and several sub-accounts, which are in the same niche. You use bots like Jarvee to collect followers for the sub-accounts and then the sub-accounts link to the main account. Most of the time there is a direct message asking the followers to follow the main account. Also, there is often a link to the main account in the description of the sub-accounts.

Here is an example:


mother child method

I’m sure you’ve received messages like this yourselves. Well, now you know why. The subaccount (see username) sends a private message and wants you to follow the main account.

Now imagine you have 100 subaccounts, each sending 100 messages a day. You can be sure that your main account will grow very fast. I know some people who have thousands of sub-accounts and get several thousand real followers on their main account every day.

The advantage of this method is that there is almost no risk for your main account. Only the sub-accounts bear the risk that they can be blocked.

The main goal is to promote your main account. The more sub-accounts you have, the more followers you will get on your main account. It’s as simple as that. There are a few ways you can promote your main account:

  • Through direct messages as in the example above
  • Add your main account to your bio with a call per action command
  • Through shoutouts in your story or under pictures/videos
  • Comment under others’ posts and tag your main account
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There are many different ways to do this. Be creative. And if ever a sub-account gets suspended, you can just create a new one again. Alternatively, you can buy Instagram accounts, then you don’t have to do the work yourself.