To successfully run a bot or automation software like Jarvee, you need to let your new Instagram account warm-up first. By this, I explicitly mean that you can’t suddenly perform 1000 actions (e.g. follow other accounts). The goal of the bot is to simulate human behavior so that the bot can do all the unpleasant and annoying work for you. What annoying work is meant? Commenting, liking and all the other stuff that is just annoying over a longer period of time…and all that just to generate a higher reach.

But before I start writing about all the settings, I should explain how Instagram evaluates your account. There is something like a “Trust Score” or “Authority“. The older your Instagram account is, the higher the tolerance level and thus the Trust Score. If your account has just been created and you immediately start aggressively following, commenting, etc. on other accounts, it is very easy for Instagram to come to the conclusion that your account has a specific goal or that you have “conspicuous activity” and mark you as a spambot. This usually ends up getting you banned.

Good news: You can easily build this trust score. All you have to do is set the bot to act as human as possible and you don’t engage in any “suspicious activity”. Also, it’s best to do nothing for the first month you create the account. That means: Just let it rest for a month and possibly set up the profile.

In practice, it looks like this:

Add account to Jarvee and validate (Instagram recognizes location, browser, IP and more).

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Do not perform any action the first day!

  • Day 1: 20-40 follows or likes
  • Day 2: 30-60 follows or likes
  • Day 3: 50-100 follows or likes
  • Day 4: 80-150 follows or likes
  • Day 5: 100-200 follows or likes
  • Day 6: 150- 250 follows or likes
  • Day 7: 200-400 follows or likes

By the way, at Jarvee you can set this growth to happen automatically. Here is the setting for it:

jarvee follow limits

In my experience, you should not follow more than 400 accounts per day, otherwise, you can get the famous “action block”. This is usually only temporary, but still annoying.

Overall, the safest thing to do is to perform as few actions as possible. So I advise against commenting, liking, following, unfollowing, posting stories, etc. at the same time. If you are only concerned with growing your account, simply following and unfollowing is enough. If you have a niche account, you can then repost viral posts from other accounts.

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