If you use a bot or software like Jarvee to manage your Instagram accounts, Spintax can be extremely helpful in conjunction with auto-comments. They make sure that you don’t comment on the same text all the time. That’s because it’s not only pretty noticeable to Instagram, but also to other Instagram users. Imagine someone constantly commenting on the same text under your posts. Inevitably, this user would remove or block you. But if you constantly comment on a new or different text, it’s much more inconspicuous and it would be hard to guess that a bot is at work.

What is Spintax?

Spintax or article spinning is often used to generate unique content for a blog or advertising copy. A certain formula is used, which looks like this: {great|awesome|fantastic}. Different synonyms are used for one meaning and whole texts are formed from them.

Here is an example:

Spintax: {Hello|Hi}, {do you|would you|can you} {watch|view} {soccer|football|sports} {later|tonight|in a few hours}?

The software would then either make the following sentences from this:

  • Hi, do you watch football tonight?
  • Hello, can you watch sports in a few hours?
  • Hi, would you view soccer tonight?
  • …and many other variations of this sentence. Be aware, sometimes it doesn’t make sense. You could either use software or write it yourself.

On Jarvee or Instagram, you would then use this spintax for the comments:

{Wow|Cool|Top}! {Really|Amazing|Such a} {great|good|nice} {post|picture|photo}!

From this, Jarvee then makes:

  • Top! Really nice post!
  • Cool! Amazing good picture!
  • Wow! Such a great photo!

You can create the sentences or synonyms as you like, but make sure that everything is grammatically correct and that it makes sense.

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Until now there are not many tools available in different languages to automatically generate a spintax. In English, there are many such tools. Here is a free one: Freearticlespinning.com.

There you just enter the sentence you want to make a spintax from and the tool automatically creates a spintax with different synonyms for the respective words.



…turns into:


How to use auto-comments in Jarvee

Under “Comments” at “Sources” you can easily set which comments or spintax should be used for which source. Here is an example:


Jarvee finds popular posts that have been published with the hashtag “Quotes”, “Entrepreneur” or “Motivational” and comments on these posts with a sentence that originated from the Spintax. The more complex and extensive you make the Spintax, the more unique the comment will be.

Here is how to create unlimited content for Instagram!

The big advantage

First of all, you save time not having to comment on your own all the time. Next, you don’t have to constantly think about what to comment on next. Jarvee or the bot simply does all the work for you. Thanks to Spintax, it also appears that a human is constantly making different comments there.