“Long Term Accounts are high-quality accounts that are created to grow in the long term. The goal is to get as many followers as possible to then sell shoutouts or the entire Instagram account.

This is what a long term account could look like:



This account only uploads videos and images related to the “soccer tricks” niche and thus appeals to a specific audience. If the number of followers continues to grow, the account can be monetized or sold. The posts of these accounts mostly consists of “reposts” only. That means they post content from their Instagram accounts. This is usually very popular or viral content in the same niche. Here is an example from the same account:

All content is from other Instagram accounts and has been reused. Most of the time, the description then links to the original post or account. Reusing popular and viral posts is one of the best strategies to get followers quickly and easily. The chance is very high that your post will trigger a viral effect and will appear on the Explore page. This means your post and the Instagram account will have a much higher reach. Then once you have at least 15k followers, you can start selling shoutouts or the entire account.

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