Hashtags are a must for a higher reach

Hashtags are probably the best and easiest way to get an even higher reach on Instagram. Each hashtag has its own unique niche followers. You can target different spectrums of users. Athletes, animal lovers, fashion lovers, entrepreneurs, chefs, and more. A hashtag is like a fan page of the specific niche you post for. For example, if you sell cars, you would want to use the hashtag #cars in your post to introduce your cars to that specific audience and increase the reach in that niche.

Now you’re probably thinking: If hashtags are such a great way to increase reach, why isn’t everyone using them? Because not everyone knows how to get into the top hashtag posts and stay there. Our posts on Instazeal will help you learn how it all works and what to look out for.

The more likes and engagement you get, the longer you’ll stay at the top of that particular hashtag. So from now on, when you post something on your car salesman account, always make sure to include the hashtag. Just as a quick example, I want to post a photo of a car I’m selling and I upload it to my profile. That becomes the description, “What a great #car.” This way it looks natural and not like spam. If you want to use a lot of hashtags, I recommend posting them a little further down the post. The more posts a hashtag has = the more popular that hashtag is.


How many hashtags should you use?

I recommend you use 15-25 hashtags per post. 30 hashtags is the maximum, but it could be that your profile will be marked as “spam” on Instagram and you will receive a “shadow ban”. As a result, your reach might be extremely low. With 15-25 hashtags, you’ll be on the safe side and won’t risk anything.

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Mention other accounts

Use @tag or mentions to expose your post to as many people as possible. For example, you can mention all your followers by their @names when commenting on your own photo. This way, you’ll make sure they get notified about your posts. Don’t do this too often, though, or you’ll be flagged as a spam account or lose followers.

Of course, it’s even more helpful if other accounts mention you. The followers from that account, will then most likely visit your profile.

Share quality posts as often as you can

Try to update your feed as often as possible. However, it is important that you share only high-quality content. If you share poor-quality content, you might even lose followers. The more people see your content, the more you will be in their minds. Especially these days, where people are confronted with new content every day. Always make sure you give your audience what they are looking for or why they followed you. You can also try to use viral content. Another great method is to use Canva to get unlimited content for your Instagram profile.