Constantly creating new content or posts that get as many likes and comments as possible can be quite difficult. You can spend hours, days or even weeks creating such content yourself. Or…you could just take existing posts that have already gone “viral” and just publish them again. Sounds good, right?

What do I mean by “gone viral”?

The term “viral” means that it got an extremely high reach within a short period of time. Most of the time these posts are shared quite often, users link each other in the comments or the post is commented on often and sparks real discussions. This is especially the case with very emotional, silly, dangerous and controversial content.

Important: Nobody likes to see low-quality posts. No one will follow you for bad posts. I’ll show you how to find great posts that have already proven to be popular. You can then repost those posts to increase your reach and engagement.

As I mentioned a bit above, the posts with a very high reach that have already gone viral are often controversial topics or personalities, animal videos, fails, or other unusual images.

Let’s take animal videos as an example. There are entire media companies that specialize only in posting animal videos, reaching millions of people a day. A famous example is “The Dodo – For Animal People”, which shares emotional animal videos that are heavily commented and shared. Not only on Instagram but also on YouTube and Facebook. They reach hundreds of millions of people a month. Their reach is extremely high. Yet they don’t create anything themselves. The only thing they do is share posts that have already been shared somewhere. Sometimes they buy the “exclusive rights” to the content and offer the original author a fee of $25 or more.

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How to find these posts?

There are two methods:

  1. Search for the most popular hashtags in your niche (#dogs, #doglovers, etc.) and see which posts have gone viral or are about to go viral.
  2. Follow popular accounts that are constantly posting viral posts.


instagram hashtags

As you can see, the hashtag #dogs has over 296 million posts, making it extremely popular. Now all you have to do is press the hashtag and look at some posts.You can recognize viral posts by the fact that they have received many comments and likes within a short time, even if the actual account has relatively few followers.

How do you recognize a post that could have a viral effect?


dog viral

Here is an example. A video of a puppy being showered for the first time. This already has a “cuteness” effect. As you can see, within 4 hours over 30 users commented and there were almost 6,500 views. So this post definitely has the potential to go viral, especially when you post it in the peak hours.

Is it okay to just “steal” posts to repost?

You should always credit the original author in the description. Just write something like “Credits to @xyz” or “Reposted from @xyz”. Many are even happy to get this attention. It also increases their own reach and possibly gets them followers themselves. So it’s mostly a win-win situation. If you don’t mention the original author, your account may be reported or you may get a copyright problem. Most of the time, the image or video will be removed, but in rare cases, your account may be suspended.

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