Which niches on Instagram are the most financially attractive?

If you’re not an influencer and don’t want to be, you can still make money on Instagram. You can easily do that by creating a niche account, which you can then monetize. There are many different niches and even more sub-niches, but which ones are the most financially attractive?

Before we get started: What is a niche and what is a sub-niche?

For example, a niche would be fitness, beauty, travel, fashion, art, pets, entrepreneurship or gaming. A sub-niche would be a niche within the niche. For example, women’s clothing, accessories or shoes in the fashion niche. Another example would be cats or dogs in the pets niche…and even there there are more sub-niches if it is a specific breed such as German Shepherds.

By now, everyone should have already come across such accounts which are focused on a specific niche. I often see Instagram accounts which have “success” in the name and then shares quotes from famous and rich people. That’s their niche.

profitable ig niches

Which niches are successful and attractive?

All niches for which people have a passion. It sounds simple, but it’s true. This is why animal videos are so popular. People love animals and have a passion for them. They will not only follow your Instagram account in the animal niche, but they will also donate money, buy products, or attend workshops. The videos that work best are the ones that are highly emotional and show, for example, how animals are rescued or how they are given a home.

The same goes for the fashion niche, which is especially ideal for Instagram. Meanwhile, Instagram has added features where you can link and buy products directly on Instagram. This has changed everything, because before users could only press on a link in your bio to get to your store, but now they can buy it directly on Instagram. However, if you are in the fashion niche, you should be aware that you should only share pictures that have the highest possible quality and are exceptional. Only in this way you will get many followers and build a real brand.

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Entrepreneurship, success and self-improvement are other niches that have experienced a real boom in recent years. The big advantage in these niches is that quite easily you can create content with Canva and easily share posts automatically with tools like Jarvee or Buffer. So almost everything can be automated. Then you could collect an email list and offer workshops or courses in those niches.

Two other great niches are the travel niche and the beauty niche, where you can not only make decent money but also get products, flights or hotel stays sponsored.

Not all niches work on Instagram

There are also niches which bring you a lot of likes and followers, but which you can’t monetize at all. An Instagram account that exclusively shares memes is probably the best example. With memes you get a high engagement rate and many followers, but how are you going to make money with them? Your followers only follow you to see funny pictures, not to buy anything or interact with you. So your high reach is almost worthless. I’m not saying you absolutely can’t make money, but the engagement rate and conversation rate will be extremely low. These channels are a no-go for sponsors or advertisers.

Add to that niches that are obviously aiming to sell you something. Try to get many followers with an account in the insurance niche. That will work just as little. Most users know exactly what they are getting into and will simply scroll on.

No matter what niche it is: Be creative!

There are many ways to create money on Instagram that won’t be listed anywhere on a website, in a group, or in a book. In most scenarios, the best way to make money on a platform (whether it’s Facebook, Amazon, or Instagram) is to do something that no one else is doing. This allows you to take control of the market from the start and monopolize the niche. If you do something that no one has done before – that gives you access to an incredible amount of money.

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If you think about it, pretty much every method of monetization was just “creative” at one point in time. Discovering a new way to monetize your followers is obviously something I can’t teach you, you have to discover it yourself. However, I can give you some tips that I’ve used in the past to overcome creative barriers.

Find a product or service that will appeal to your followers. Then find a creative way to market that product or service to your audience. Although this may seem like an obvious way to go – many promotions, giveaways, and new monetization methods start this way. For example, Kylie Jenner has done this with a unique mobile app that sends premium content to her followers. Many of her fans are incredibly interested in her personal life, so she shares her “free” content on social media and her premium content through the Kylie Jenner Official app. She’s offering a product while delighting her fans in a unique way.