It can be tough to write interesting and engaging Instagram captions. You want your followers to feel like they are right there with you, experiencing what you’re experiencing. Captions can be the perfect way to do that, but only if they are well-written. Here are a few tips on how to make your Instagram captions more interesting: tell a story, use humor, be personal and creative, and use hashtags wisely.

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Tell a Story

The best way to make your Instagram captions interesting is telling an actual story. People love stories, and they especially love when their favorite artists tell them something about themselves that seems “behind the scenes.” You can talk about anything in this context:  a funny moment with your friends at the concert, something you’re looking forward to in an upcoming city, or even just the story of your day. Telling a story can be as simple as writing out exactly what happened and stringing it together into a cohesive narrative people will want to read.


Another good way to make your Instagram captions interesting is being funny! You don’t have to be edgy or try too hard, but witty is always a good way to go. You can even make your Instagram captions interesting with memes! Just remember that if you are going to use edgy humor, it’s one thing to do it on social media platforms where the audience is mostly people who already know and love your music–and another thing entirely to use it in casual conversation with strangers, or on your website where everyone can see it.

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Personal and Creative

Another tip for writing interesting Instagram captions is being personal and creative! People love knowing what their favorite artists are thinking and the best way to do this is by sharing a little bit of yourself in each caption (without going overboard and being annoying). You can share lyrics that you like, stories about your life, or even something like a poem! Just make sure that whatever you do post is honest and well thought out. The last thing people want to see is another singer/songwriter using the same cheap tricks everyone else does in their captions (we’re looking at you: song lyrics, shoe photos, and scenic landscape shots).

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Use Hashtags Wisely

Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement on your Instagram posts. The key with hashtags is to use them sparingly and in an interesting way that relates to what you’re posting. You don’t want users skipping over your captions (and entire post) just because it’s full of popular hashtags that everyone uses. If you use them creatively, people will want to click on them and explore other posts similar to yours!

So there you have it: some tips on writing interesting Instagram captions. The most important thing is to make sure your post looks good (ie: lighting, backdrop, etc.) and obviously make sure it is well written (ie: grammatical errors, etc.). Captions are an easy way to strengthen your brand identity on Instagram, so make them count!

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