Lifehack to save a lot of time when entering hashtags

Are you annoyed by constantly having to enter up to 30 hashtags for your posts? Here’s a little trick that will save you a lot of time. You don’t have to write every single hashtag, but you can enter all hashtags at once in just one step.

Did you know that on your smartphone and tablet you can set which words should be displayed when you enter a certain word? For example, you can enter “Starbucks” as a keyword and it could become “I want to order a cappuccino at Starbucks”. You can do the same with hashtags. You can enter a specific word and it can become a whole series of words.

An example of Instagram and hashtags would be: Keyword: #fashion

This becomes: #fashionblogger #fashionista #fashionstyle #fashionable #fashiongram #fashionblog #fashiondiaries #fashionlover #fashiondaily #fashionposts #fashionideas #fashiononline #womenfashion #fashioninfluencer #fashionary

All you have to do is type #fashion into your smartphone and all the other hashtags will appear.

Here’s how it works on your iPhone or tablet:

On your Apple device, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Text Replacement and click the plus (+) sign in the top right corner.

Step 1: Use Text Replacement and add hashtags


Step 2: Enter the shortcode on Instagram.


Step 3: Done! You’ve entered one word and all the other hashtags have been added.


I recommend you create as many hashtag sets as possible. Learn more about hashtag strategies here.

Pro Tip: Use a hashtag sets a certain number of hashtags that you would use anyway. Then enter 5-10 more hashtags that fit your post exactly.

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In practice, it looks like this: Hashtag set (20 hashtags through the shortcut) + Individual hashtags (5-10 hashtags that you enter yourself).

Have fun!