Use hashtags and locations in Instagram Stories

Stories pop up when users search for specific hashtags or locations. For you, this is another way to generate a higher reach besides the normal posts, reels and IG-TV. It’s especially worthwhile if you have a local business, such as a bakery or restaurant.

Create a story and add a location and a relevant hashtag. Remember that your profile should be public so that users who don’t follow you can see it.

Here’s a little trick: You think you can only add one hashtag? Wrong. You can also use text fields to add hashtags. In addition to the normal hashtag, add 5-6 more hashtags with text fields.

At the bottom left you can see the hashtags.

Don’t want your friends and followers to see all the hashtags? No problem, just use a sticker to cover the hashtags.

The hashtags and their function are still there, but they have been covered up by a sticker and are no longer visible to other users.

Another trick

You can also tag a user in your Instagram Stories. I recommend tagging yourself on the right side of the screen. Why? Normally, users press right on the edge of the screen to view the next story. But if you tag yourself on the right edge, users will get to your profile! Again, you can use a sticker to hide it.

You can find out which hashtags are best to use and what strategy you should use here.

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