First of all, what is meant by evaluation? It’s important to know how Instagram rates your account and how secure it is. There are a few factors that determine if and when your account will be suspended or if you are safe.

Engagement rate: why is it important? Your account can have 200K followers, but: when you publish a post, only 2% of your total followers will see/engage with your post. This hurts the quality & price of your account.

The number of followers: as a rule, the more – the better. Most will price per X number of followers. Say $10 for every 1K followers and so on. If you have a good engagement rate, you can even charge 15-20$ per 1K followers.
Post quality: Always make sure to post HQ content and don’t push too many promos, because people don’t like to see too many promos. Don’t exceed the 1-2 promos max per week, or just charge more money for each shoutout so you work less, damage your account less and earn more. The decisions are entirely up to you.

Account creation: account creation is a factor that plays a big role in 2019. For example, if you use a free proxy or an inferior proxy and an email like “” to create your account, it will automatically hurt your account trust score because MANY others like you, use to spam the Instagram network. So always make sure to keep a high trust score. Use high-quality proxies & high-quality email accounts. Free proxies suck.

Account Age: The older your account is, the less likely you are to get banned/blocked. For example, your account trust score will be 10+ if it is 1 year old. New accounts are usually blocked quickly and you need to warm them up for 1 month until they are trusted. Always work with accounts that are at least 1month to 3months old. The more they are aged = the better.

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Account Proxy: If your account was created on inferior proxies, you are more likely to be banned or suspended. Accounts created on private, dedicated proxies are always preferred on public, free proxies. Saturated IPs can get you into a lot of trouble.

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