Is Instagram dying? According to a recent study, the app’s monthly active user base decreased by 100 million in the last six months of 2018. This is a worrying trend for the social media giant, and it’s unclear what could be causing this sharp decline. What does this mean for the future of Instagram?

Instagram Is Losing Users at a Rapid Pace

Instagram, the social media platform owned by Facebook, is losing users at a rapid pace. According to a new study from app analytics company Apptopia Instagram lost 100 million of its monthly active users in the last six months of 2021. This sharp decline isn’t just indicative of the past few months either-it’s an overall trend that has continued since Instagram’s peak in early 2021. In fact, it has been a downward spiral since the Cambridge Analytica scandal within Facebook as well as the rise of other social media networks such as Snapchat and TikTok.

What’s Causing Instagram’s Decline?

It seems there are a few reasons why so many users have decided to ditch Instagram. One of the main causes is due to Instagram’s algorithm changes, which were made in order for users to be able to see all their friends’ posts on one page. However, what this means is that content from brands and influencers has fallen off, which had been an integral part of many users’ feeds. Another reason could be the rise of other social media networks that are often seen as higher-quality alternatives to Instagram. These include Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest.

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What Does This Mean for the Future of Instagram?

For now, it seems like bad news for Instagram. The company has struggled to keep up with trends in the social media industry, including the rise of live video and disappearing messages. However, it’s important to note that Instagram has 1 billion users at the moment, so it’s not as though the app is unplugging overnight. The company will still be able to grow and thrive for a little while longer, but if its decline continues and changes aren’t made then we may see a decline in popularity not too far down the road.

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100 Million Users Ditch Instagram in Six Months

One of the reasons for this decline could be the end of the organic reach. Year per year Instagram makes it more difficult for users to get organic traffic. What happened on Facebook many years ago seems like to happen on Instagram as well. Facebooks and Instagrams goal were quite clear: Reduce organic reach and push people to spend money for ads. Many users consider this a rigged game. The only ones benefiting from this are large corporations and brands, which have a high budget for ads. But no worries, it is still possible to get reach a lot of people organically. Whether it is for your personal account, online shop or niche account. It just got a little bit harder than before.


It’s unclear what is causing Instagram’s sharp decline in users, but it seems to be due to a variety of factors including the app’s algorithm changes and the rise of other social media networks. However, with 1 billion users still using the app, Instagram isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The company will likely continue to grow and thrive for a little while longer, but if its decline continues then we may see a decrease in popularity in the not too distant future.

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